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Digital Evolution


Going to have to step back down this evolutionary chain for a short while - again.

Tried a bit of internal cleaning today on my Canon 400D but may have gotten a bit over enthusiastic with the brush and blower. A tiny spring that fits somewhere on the mirror mechanism came off and I haven't a clue where from. All I know is the Auto Focus is now shot and the internal gubbins appears in the frame now when I try taking any pictures. And I'm definitely not doing anymore DIY jobs with this as it only makes it worse. So, it's a trip to Glasgow tomorrow to drop it off for an inspection and an estimate of how much it's going to cost to repair.

Bugger, bugger, bugger.

Lesson learned.

On a completely different subject, but similar, is it just me or has the evolution of small talk in Barber shops stepped back recently? The young lady mowing my hair today had a interesting take on the "gaun anywhere on holiday?" mainstay. It developed into a bit of a one sided conversation about residential caravans in Berwick-Upon-Tweed and how her mother was going in for a hysterectomy and how she wouldn't be visiting her because she would "pretty oot eh it" first night, and how that the operation was impinging on her Bingo night (her mum's, not the hairdresser herself although she did partake of the housey housey on the odd occasion). All this in open hearing of the other customers (two of which were pretty well wasted, tattooed and gold chained chaps that wandered through to the back shop to make themselves a cup of tea without asking, and another old lady who'd been up since 4:30am watching Emmerdale) and without a pause in the Number twoing of my hair.

Charming. Going to look out for one of those home haircut systems I think.

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