With all the gulls.

Made it to Mallaig today, but not by train after yesterday's near miss because of our dear miss. Nope, today we drove across the Skye Bridge and down to Armadale and took the short ferry crossing back to the mainland and into Mallaig. In a nice ironic twist, the train we waved goodbye to as it left without us yesterday was just arriving as we headed into town, so we waved at it again.

Bustling wee town, leisurely walk, nice fish and chips lunch in a friendly little restaurant (though the waitress apologised for taking payment up front as they've had a few 'runners' recently) then back on the afternoon crossing through a heavy rainstorm for a sunny drive back across Skye.

Now sitting watching the clouds fly over the mountains along Loch Long and enjoying a nice chilled beer whilst I prepare some photos for a slideshow later. Not a bad day at all - for a Tuesday.

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