Boston Common 2

Searching for some summer shoes for Stephanie.
It's kind of amazing how big the change in the neighborhoods is just one block off the Common. Hmm.
Last full day in Boston. Dinner at Abe & Louie's (again) tonight. Bone-in filet mignon? Yes. Please.
I've never had so much red meat in my entire life. I am kind of paying for it.
Geez, I forgot that I also had a tenderloin filet sandwich for lunch at Parrish. (the "Steak and Blue".. fantastic. Go get one. It's on blue cheese bread with roquefort butter. I feel like I should be having a heart attack right now.)

I have some great photos of Stephanie I should upload here. Perhaps I will. As soon as the stress from my backblipping is over and done with.

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