Girl with the tassle bag

I had to go through town after work for an appointment. I don't enjoy biking through town, on the other hand I got one or two blip opportunities.

Two staff down we still managed to email off our submission on the change proposal before the noon deadline. Just. G and I worked away on it all morning, editing and tweaking diagrams. Another 4 hours to the 'review and restructuring' category in our time clocking database. I didn't have the heart to generate a report today to show how much time has gone into it thus far. I'll need to feel a lot more robust before I do that.

The institutional wheels creak on and I managed to clear a few things this afternoon. Seems to be the week for Flash features. Another one awaits me in the morning.

Of course my focus is on Mum. She is comfortable. Dad will be finishing his visit now and I'll likely hear from him later.

Thank you more than I can express for your kind thoughts and comments. They mean a lot. I've slipped the odd comment in but my focus and time is elsewhere. I feel very far away.

All we can do is wait. Hurry up and wait.

(I had to crop the border I accidentally created in the phone camera app, other than that the treatment is all the phone).

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