horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Hey, I've got my new chooks on...

By god it's a stressful process introducing two new chickens to your original two and therefore double the size of your flock. All calmed down now, but still keeping an eye out on the pecking order being established. The worst thing has been the noise from normally placid hens. Let's see what the evening and tomorrow bring.

Front of frame is our new Black Rock, sadly the pictures don't show up the green tinge to her black feathers. Currently nameless, we've been trying to think of Gaelic things, or something to do with Skye; because the Mendlesham Blue behind is called 'Skye'. It's a place that means a lot to both of us, and pretty apt given it's old Norse for 'cloud', which is pretty much her colouring.

I'm shattered. A new temporary house has been built within the walk-in run (might be a bit much to expect them all to get on in the Eglu at the mo) and trips have been made to get some needed supplies.

So you're not getting a rant, nor any words of wisdom, no commentary,no political leanings. I'm chook-tired and need the curry currently bubbling away on the cooker, with an accompanying beer.



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