horns of wilmington's cow

By anth


Good things that happen to me always turn into being a little bit annoying. So I get LOADS of comments on my 500, I get one of the founders complimenting the entry in the comments, I get someone mentioning it's a shoe-in for blip of the week, and I'm generally feeling good about the effort I put into it.

And then there's no blip of the week this week because there's an announcement about the Unstaged event instead. Which my brother is in the final ten for. And I'm not.

Hey, I'm down here, why not give me a kick?!?!

Working from home today for a boilerman visit, which meant that the day consisted of sitting at a computer (though in the more comfy surroundings of home and probably getting more done than in the office!); acting UN peace envoy to the back garden (though all seems calmer after moving the new girls to temporarily separated accommodation); avoiding putting daytime tv on, after switching it off when people travelling home from Europe without a plane were effectively painted up with 'Blitz spirit'; and a wee walk to the Figgate Pond where not much was happening save for a couple of fighting pigeons (series of four starting here).

Oh, back to the 500 briefly - I promised I'll be responding to all of the comments, which I will be over the next couple of days, and the comments since then on the next 3. Tomorrow will be my first non-chicken-stress day in 3 days (though I'm still planning on getting up at 6 to oversee the awakenings, and I'll still worry while at work that it's all quiet), so I'm hoping I'll finally be able to relax after nigh on 72 hours of tension...

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