Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

TWO Harpsichords!

Last night I and my friend @scharwenka went to a fabulous concert at Birmingham Town Hall. Although I took several quite nice pictures of the outside of the hall, this is the picture I've finally chosen as best representing the magic of the evening.

Details of the concert can be found here. It was a truly splendid performance - Koopman is probably one of my absolute favourite "authentic" performers, and the standard of the performance was stunningly high.

In the Musical Offering I particularly enjoyed the duet between Baroque viola and transverse (wooden, of course) flute. The timbres of the instruments were just divine, and I felt as though it was the musical equivalent of eating a double layered creamy chocolate mousse. Absolutely gorgeous.

After the Musical Offering (information about which can be found here) we were treated to one of the double harpsichord concertos (the one that is usually better known as the double violin concerto). It was absolutely breathtaking, and after huge applause at the end, the performers relented and gave us a reprise of the whole last movement! Wonderful.

Brilliant stuff!

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