Skinny Piggy

By SkinnyPiggy

In The Shadows

It was almost a non-blip blander for me today. I told Mono that I wasn't going to head out and then I changed my mind after. I had been concentrating in solving my SQL issue I had from yesterday. It was only until I got somewhere with my code I thought, I need some air! I also had a meeting moved forward from three to one O'Clock, so it was a quick-ish wonder up to Edinburgh Uni and back down Northbridge.

It was a good catch up with Mono, he was on holiday last week and its my turn next week. I'll be flying on the Monday morning... so my blips far and few between for a couple of weeks. I will certainly have plenty of holiday blips though! I even got my Crumpler bag for the SLR, making walking about in Hong Kong easier, its better than having a rucksack as its so busy there!

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