A slice of Lesley's life

By Lesley

Bank holiday activities

We mainly participated in the traditional sitting in a car on the motorway bank holiday activity. Sadly no real traffic jams, well not until the last mile which took about half an hour, but we did do a straight 7 hours to make our way home.

Uneventful journey in a good way. In fact in such a good way that the first non-car related activity of the day was to head to the bookshop to reward the kids for not driving us insane. A nice, leg-stretching Chiswick mooch, taking in the coffee shop and chip shop to collapse back at home in front of Outnumbered and The Simpsons. Not entirely sure either are aimed at the kids but they do enjoy them.

Carl and I will be spending the evening peeking at Weeping Angels from behind a cushion.

Feels like we've had a proper holiday. I predict tomorrow will feel a little of a shock.

Lesley x

Ps - no idea what they're all about but this is one of a series of similar statues on the last few motorway bridges before Calais. Others included a tennis player and an archer.

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