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The son was asked whether he wanted anything from the, soon to be departed, Gran's house down South. And he asked for the bagatelle! How appropriate, would you not say. It's up in my gorgeously improved attic already.

Thanks for comments on George's sad and sudden demise.
At the risk of sending my (few) viewers into a never to return downer, got a text this morning about my dear dear friend Tina. She died this morning. I copied her last texts to me below.
Hey! We knew where it was going. I used to cheer her up, or so she told me. She never told me that when I worked for her, mind. Enjoy it while you can, people, yep.


26/4 In hospital. Things not good. Will update update u more when stronger.

28/4 Moved today to St. Columbas hospice more like 5 star hotel after the Western!!
Own room with french doors onto patio. Open visiting so if u feel like popping by let me know

28/4 Next week would be cool. It's sort of in back of trinity. Near seafront Will text address tomorrow.

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