It's going to be a long winter, lots of indoors shots of Hanna. Maybe a bit of trinkets, but these will come to an end soon.

Hanna's reading is getting better and better, she picks books from her shelves, reads, dumps them on the floor (sweetness of my life) and when I asked her on Monday what her favourite thing of the day was, she said sitting in the bookshop and looking at books. I feel like we've done something right. She also takes her camera to various places and blips, snaps and experiments with set-ups. Her latest discovery is to shoot in negative.

It's been a long and busy day, I was trying to meet impossible deadlines, but also managed to see Hanna's tennis training (whole 5 minutes of it), have a lunch out and ready a bit of book. So really quite a good day. Now back to the book.

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