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New Dawn #4

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The fourth in a series of twenty monthly shots documenting the construction of the new Forth Valley College campus in Alloa, being built on that hill in the middle of the shot.

The main differences between this and the previous shots is how green everything's become; the trees have sprouted leaves and the grass is looking lush. Not much sign of activity but the Minister for Skills and Lifelong Learning was involved with some sod on site a couple of weeks back. He was cutting the first one apparently. Interestingly he may claim he was involved with some other sods after our current (depending when you read this/how things go election-wise in around 36 hours) Prime Minister visited his home town recently and he was involved in a handbags at dawn incident in the street (watch closely to the guy in red shouting around a minute into the video). I wonder what Gordon Brown said about him after he got back into his Jag.

Talking politics, I'm surprised the lamposts in this shot are poster free as we're less than 12 hours from the polling stations opening. Are there some new new regulations banning these type of things from happening nowadays, or will we all wake up in the morning and the place will be littered with them?

Talking of which... like many, many others out there in the rest of the UK, I've still not decided where my X is going. I'm pretty sure I know where it's NOT going, but I may have my pencil hovering over the ballot paper looking for some sign from above before I commit to one. I just get the feeling that whatever way it goes it's not going to make a helluva lot of difference to all us plebs.

Happy Election Day tomorrow :-(

Petrol Price update (Check BIG version): 118.9 per litre - 2p up from last month, 9p since the end of January. Who do I vote for to get that moving the other way?

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