Sorting your social life

I'm not quite with it and for a while it looked like there may be no blip (or maybe one of my shoe, the underneath of a shop veranda, half a head...).

Someone has poured a truck or two of concrete in my head and if I get desperate I might resort to drilling a hole in my forehead to relieve the pressure. Of course none of that is true but it's likely I have or are brewing a sinus infection. No weekend away for hpx and Dr B, and certainly no wandering up any small peaks.

There will be plenty of sticking my head over a bowl of hot water with a few drops of olbas oil, gently blowing my nose and 4 hourly panadol. Roll on Tuesday when I see my GP.

Work was about what you'd expect the day after you find out very little and mostly that you're likely to go through another review and possible restructure again within months. I did however solve a perplexing little issue before I left. For that I'm both pleased and grateful.

As someone reminded me in a comment, be in the moment.

I'm hoping for a weekend that isn't too glum and still has some welcome moments of fun and and light relief.

Sorry my commenting is light...

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