Wheelie fast

All for the pursuit of a piece of wood.

A day with serious amounts of sofa draping, punctuated with light domestics. Clearly I did leave the sofa (and the house for that matter). Another day and I headed out to Sumner mid-afternoon for some dog action on the beach. It was good to get out. Thanks P.

If I don't move my head quickly or bend over, I can cope with my sinuses.

Other than that, I locked myself out of my neighbours house that I'm looking after over night. I left the keys in the deadlock on the inside of the door while I fed the cat outside, and the wind sucked it shut. I still hadn't closed the blinds etc and as she was burgalled a week ago.

Should you ever find yourself in this position, call around, there is a big variation in call out fees.

Off for more sofa draping, wine, dinner and a DVD with Dr Booth.

(Undecided about which image and just changed it).

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