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Blowing in the wind

Such a simple sight to many people but I love seeing Ethans tiny baby clothes on my washing line. Especially on a day like today with the blue sky and the beautiful blossom on my cherry blossom tree.

He has been a wee angel today. Slept the whole way round Tescos and for a while when we got home. And even when he woke up he sat in his chair quite happily while I got on with some housework. I put him in the baby bjorn later on and hung out the washing and he seemed quite content.

In the afternoon we took Obi back up to the vet. He wasn't due to go back till next week but has developed a really sore wound on his face which I wanted checked out. The vet is rather bemused as to what it is but has given me some cream for it. Other than that, Obi is making good progress and has continued to put on weight now he is eating by himself again. Apart from his damaged eyes and all his shaved fur patches, he's starting to look more normal again.

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