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The Lost Village

Day 12 of Peak District Holiday

Couldn't believe it when I looked out the window this morning to find .... a lovely, dry & sunny day! And we haven't had a single raindrop fall all day - yay!

We took a drive today along Ladybower Reservoir. The photo is of the war memorial for the village of Derwent. Sadly, apart from a few houses on the banks on the other side of the reservoir, this is all that remains of the village ..... the rest is under the water! Derwent, along with the neighbouring village of Ashopton, was flooded in 1943 although apparently there have been a couple of occasions when the reservoir has been so low that the remains of the village have been on view. It's a stunningly beautiful area but quite a sad story really when you think about the lost village.

Another interesting piece of trivia about Ladybower Reservoir is that it was used by the "Dambusters" for their target runs!

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