My Photographic Footprint

By Theodora8

City Life

It was difficult to choose between this photo and one of some beautiful French pastries.
The pastries had dark berries and white icing sugar it was pretty and charming.
After the pastries I had gone to the British Museum to see an exhibition of exquisite Drawings from the Italian Renaisance. I had met up with a lovely friend, soent time and money in an amazing art shop, then came down into the Tottenham Court Rd tube station.

A 'Person had fallen on the Line'. The central trains were running well below par. Everything was snarled up. No one could get onto the trains.

I stood on the platform as two stuffed trains came in, with screaming breaks, and garbled ugly shouting announcements filled the air.
On the wall over the lines was a giant poster of the exhibition I had just seen. It showed a drawing of the face of a beautiful young girl from centuries before, looking down at the undesirable scene. The contrast was very obvious. Our 'developed' lifestyle would not have looked very tempting at that moment.

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