Don?t Know Nuffink

By Mrski1

Phoebe's New Friend

Phoebe woke up at quarter past 8, which is a lie in for me, and we headed downstairs to get some breakfast, Phoebe had some Oatibix although when my sausage and bacon sandwich arrived she let out a big "ooooooohhhh!' she seemed quite happy to get a little bit of it.

Phoebe, myself, Sam and Joss then headed over to their allotment where they were planting some strawberry plants, picking leeks and doing some weeding, Phoebe seemed perfectly happy to join in and even met this snail on the path, I bent down with her and got her to touch it which didn't phase her at all.

We then drove back to the house where Phoebe had a nap before lunch, and then we went to play at the local park before driving back to Coldstream to drop her back off home.

The drive home was full of the usual emotions, although it has been a great weekend with my little girl.

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