Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter


I had a meeting with a solicitor this morning to discuss a personal injury claim against the courier company whose cyclist wrecked my wrist. I had some time to kill afterwards while I waited for Carl to finish work and meet me for lunch. I stopped off for a quick G&T first, and then decided to turn my wait into a blipportunity. The solicitor's office is in Blackrock, in south County Dublin, which is very much Skyroad territory. I walked down to the abandoned baths which he has featured more than once. Deciding that there was no point sucking eggs that had already been sucked so well, I concentrated on some different aspects of this treasure trove of a blip site.

There was the outcrop of rock which reminded me of a bulldog sphinx, the breakwater which looked like a launching pad, the young lovers on the DART bridge, the wall-end consisting of bricks with serious attitude, the Thinker graffiti, and this alternative to the blip I finally chose. I'll be back to this spot again. Maybe next time I'll bump into Skyroad there.

By the way, the slogan on the yellow container box reads 'A stolen ringbuoy is a stolen life'.

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