At the end of the day

And here we have Christchurch on it's way home. Wonder what's in those big boxes? Just to show there is a legitimate place for saying "at the end of the day" (and it doesn't involve a politician or management speak ;-)

A good day in the land of hpx. I pushed on a work with a small development I've been wrestling with. I'm slightly outside of my comfort zone but not so much as to feel overwhelmed, just challenged.

I was surprised with the response to yesterday's blip. For me at least it showed code can be beautiful. Some people eat code, they love it and see it's intrinsic beauty. Maybe because of yesterday's blip I caught a glimpse of that today. More likely I simply felt pleased because I figured out a problem. Code is beautiful when it's doing what it's meant to.

And that was a good note on which to end the day. Tomorrow I'm not in the office. Instead I'm in town for the day at an Adobe roadshow, viewing their latest goodies and what CS5 has to offer. I feel a street blip coming on :-)

I canceled my doc appointment and biked to work today. I seem to be winning the sinus war with inhalations and one other old fashioned approach. Still have a head ache though but definitely no infection. Biking was ok, just a bit tired and I needed another couple of layers.

I scored this blip on a quick errand. I like the strong graphic lines and light.

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