Lyra's life in pictures

By Lyra

Confessions of a Bad Mother: Number Two

I let Lyra do pretty much whatever she likes.

I know I should be telling her 'No' but she is too young to understand.

I do, however, need to learn that what's okay in our own home is occasionally not so okay outside. You can see Lyra gnawing away at the Harvester Menu here - she really enjoyed it but we felt a little sheepish handing it back, gnawed corner and all, when our waitress had taken our order...

Lyra tried spare ribs for the first time today and really enjoyed them. Something seems to have suddenly clicked and she is now actually eating a bit more rather than just playing. She is growing to love mealtimes and wants to try EVERYTHING... and RIGHT NOW!

Confessions of a Bad Mother: Number One

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