By IzzyK

On business in...

....Lewes, East Sussex today brought the point and shoot on the outing with me, some interesting photography but between two meetings opposite ends of town, all those hills and walking in (semi) high hills up and down all those blinking hills I am just glad I did not take out the whole kit and kabudle.

In the end I got ten photos but this one puzzled me the most - it was stuck in what I can only imagine was a shop window at sone stage, all forlorn and alone, it looked a bit battered and worn! So I am wondering what is the story?!

Hubby is back working in Lewes and Seaford for a weekend in a few weekends time - tempted to come back with him and have a good old mouch around but son's choir is doing its thing........so I guess not..........another day maybe!

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