The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM


I heard a radio scotland discussion about expectations and outcomes a few weeks ago. Seemingly if a student see the letter A before an exam they will do better than if they see a C or D.

When Curlyfries went out on his paper round before heading off to sit his Higher English exam, I plastered his room and doors with them. At least it made him smile and lightened the mood.

Every little helps?

The tutor, that we have managed to scrape some money together to pay has undoubtably helped, but he is not overly confident. She was at the end of the phone when he came home and came round to see the paper and discuss it wth him. She is a star, but then again, so is he.

Cross everything for the results in August.

1 down, 5 more Highers and 3 advanced Highers to go then in this house.

Valium anybody?


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