Stirling Reidos

By StirlingReidos

Easy Sunday

I'm still recovering from my very long election had a nice easy day today. Took the opportunity to lie a bit longer..I rarely do this as I feel I've wasted hours that I could be doing something but sometimes you have to.

We then got ready to go out to Briarlands for our first visit of the season. This a local farm that has diversified to include a family friendly play facility. The kids can go wild...jumping on the bouncy pillows, cycling the go-carts, playing in the sand pits, running about the wide open expanses. This year they have some new climbing equipment so we tested this out. Later in the year once the maize has grown we can attempt the maize maze.

The sun was shining again to day so we packed lunch and spent the afternoon there...most enjoyable.

This is three boys on one of the new pieces of climbing equipment...the wee one is kinda hidden in the middle there but he is was a really fast slide:-)

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