Stirling Reidos

By StirlingReidos


This was my official birthday today. My sister and brother-in-law came to visit for my birthday tea. Before the birthday tea we all went to the Wallace Monument.

It's certainly about six years since the Reids climbed the monument. We've climbed Abbey Craig a few times but not gone into the monument. The last time we climbed the monument there were only two Reid children.

We didn't all make it to the top this time. Grandpa who climbed with us six years ago thought it a bit too much for him now at 78 so he stayed at the bottom with a sleeping Fangler. So five Reids and two Gallaghers climbed it today. It was a great day.

We followed it up with a coffee and a biscuit at the MacRobert.

This is a view of Dumyat from the foot of the Abbey Craig, I like how it is framed by the trees.

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