Stirling Reidos

By StirlingReidos

Pick yourself up...

...dust yourself down and start all over again.

I'm heading back into the office after three hours sleep. The sun is shining and the blossom is full on the trees.

I left the office about 5am once all the Scottish Constituencies, who were declaring overnight, had been declared...drove home to Stirling, caught three hours of interrupted sleep and then got up to walk the children to school..haven't done that in a while.

A lot of work to stay static...although we did increase our share of the vote. Sad we lost John Mason as he was an excellent constituency MP...sad that constituencies revert to type at the general election.

Over all feeling of frustration...we were squeezed and squeezed hard because the voters believed that if they voted Labour they would stop a Tory Government...regardless of how you vote you can acknowledge that Scotland at this point in time does not want a Tory Government...however the maths don't add up for that...when is a country with 59 MP's going to influence a Parliament with 650 MP's?

You vote for what you believe in and I am of the mind that a lot of people didn't do that yesterday..they voted because they were scared.

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