Stirling Reidos

By StirlingReidos


D for decision.

I was at my polling station waiting for it to open at 7am this morning and was the first ballot cast in the box. Most of my colleagues have postal votes but I like the ritual of putting the ballot in the box.

My job today is to manage our telephone GOTV...I've been working for the last couple of weeks organising this project...when I blipped this this morning I was quite anxious. I've managed this several times before however it is all reliant on technology and you know how that can come back and bite you.

It's also my birthday today...people who have birthdays in early May should not work in politics. Last time my birthday fell on a polling day was 1999 and the first elections to the Scottish Parliament but it usually falls in or about a polling day. This year I am like the Queen I am having an official birthday on the 8th.

In 1999 it wasn't all bad...somebody rang the buzzer to our office in the middle of the afternoon, I went to answer it... and I opened the door to Sean Connery! Wish I'd had an iphone then:-)

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