Nobody tells me anything!

No sooner was I back from Berlin than I had to get stuck in to a tidy- and clean-up in preparation for my hosting of the weekly music session. It was good session (perfect hosting, of course), with lots of good music featured and a fascinating presentation for the last thirty minutes. Naturally enough, those of us who'd been to Berlin did our best to make the others regret not having come along.

Having complimented myself on a good hosting, that rather conveniently disregards the fact that there was a bit of a biscuit panic shortly before people were due to arrive, which meant I had to jump in the car (naughty, naughty! I should have left time to walk) to stock up in the local shop. That's when I noticed this sign on the back of a van in front of me and blipped it through the windscreen. I must say I knew nothing about Dublin being European Capital of Sport for this year (I didn't even know there was such a thing as European Capital of Sport in the first place). As usual, these things are really badly publicised, and not enough of a fuss is made about them.

At least I know about it now, and I've since done some checking. More info here.

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