This was Spanish Grand Prix day. I watched it alone at home, since there'd been no word about anyone throwing a GP lunch and anyway having the prime mover of these lunches in hospital would have put a damper on things anyway. It was a bit of a boring race, to be honest, though it was good to see Mark Webber qualify in pole position and stay in front right to the chequered flag.

Once the race was over I took some time off and went for a bit of a walk. That's when I came across these strange contraption in a front garden. I'd assumed at the time that it was some sort of solar panel, but it was only when I transferred the photo onto the computer that I noticed that tell-tale 'Solar' word. Quite apart from the technology (I've no idea if it powers something inside the house or is connected with the actual garden it's stuck in), it was actually the reflections which caught my eye. Since I'm a sucker for reflections at the best of times, there was avoiding blipping it.

A quiet day afterwards.

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