Shopping day today. Ironically, everyone but the groom?s shopping has been done long back. So today, it was a dedicated shopping day for me and my brother. We went to areas known as wholesale market for such occasions. Thankfully, it was not very hot today. May end otherwise is terrible and going out in Kolkata in the afternoon is out of question. The storm that?s heading towards the east coast of India is having its effect on the weather of this part of the country. Hope the bad weather doesn?t play a spoilt sport during the ceremony.

Today I was looking at all the shopping and other arrangements that already have been done by my parents. The preparations have been going on for a couple of months now. I was totally awed by the scale of preparations. Not like it will be a super-grand ceremony or anything but the amount of detail and the small nitty-grittys to take care of is beyond my imagination. Starting from gifts to accommodation, food, invitations, things needed for the religious ceremonies, for the wedding itself and the ceremonies preceding and succeeding the wedding ? the list just goes on and on. But what?s commendable is that every small thing is noted down and taken care of. Virtually, I just need to go, do the bare minimums and come back. My parents would need a long and a very well deserved rest once all the smoke clears out.

P.S. - hardly time for blip. I will be lying low and might not be able to browse journals or comment for a while. But keep your comments coming. I'll reply surely in time :)

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