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Putting on the Ritz

As the weather was so nice today I let a few of the little cellar people outside. After adjusting to the light some of them started work in the biscuits for cheese department. I would have prefered them to be drilling the indentations in mini chedders but they don't like the word "mini" being banded about so they had to work the Ritz section.

Today may be the last little cellar people blip for a little while as am going back to work next week and so will have less time.

Talking of less time, todays child nap time has not been sucessful so I have had to rush this more than I would have liked, as my available blipping window of time was non-existant.

I would have liked to clean the ground a little and remove some of the bits of grass and dirt and add crumbs but just did not have the time. So am a little disappointed with it but thought was better than not blipping. In all I spent a maximum of 30 mins on this compared with 3 times that on my last few blips.

It was nice working with such a nice natural light but not sure if the outdoors suits the picture. I did not need to worry about spiders today, but I did have to keep an eye out for the local blackbirds and wood pigeons to make sure they did not swoop down for a nibble of biscuit or little cellar person.

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