the city...

In spite of having a few things to take care of and despite my mother's objections, I decided to go ahead in the morning for a photowalk with a couple of friends. Sky was overcast and the morning light was missing. We ended up walking for long by the river. Mostly, we were in the northern part of the city - the area that is typically old and is populated by numerous narrow alleys. People in Kolkata are particularly friendly to the camera...for that matter, any form of art. One can go on shooting in the streets of Kolkata for hours without getting tired of it. I had to cut my trip short an hour earlier than planned as I had to rush back home to meet an aunt who came down to see me. I am not sure whether I will be able to go on any other photowalk during my stay here in the city, though I would love to.

Episode 1 of the big ceremony starts tomorrow.

bigger is better

[Edit]: One year ago marks the start of one of the most beautiful trips that I've ever made.

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