A slice of Lesley's life

By Lesley

Holiday mood

Another scorcher of a day. After a very early night, a lovely start to the morning, pottering around home and garden. Eating breakfast outside is enough to make me feel like I'm on holiday.

Even the midday trip to Westfield (big shopping centre, if you don't know, actually it is whether you knew or not so not sure why I wrote that, anyway I digress...) was fun in the sun. Spotted three more elephants (see yesterday), successfully purchased new shoes for ever-growing giganto-boy, and new scooter for girl of same inclination. Met up with a remarkably perky Carl returned from stag-do and was provided lunchtime entertainment by a streetdance display. Got some pretty cool pics of youngsters flinging themselves around the stage but couldn't post an indoor blip today.

This is a roof/awning/canopy thing over the outdoor restaurant bit. Reminded me of a sail and further put me in the holiday mood, despite it's very non-holiday, nautical location.

Rest of the day spent delivering and collecting children to and from parties and popping down to the theatre group. Oh, and trying not to melt.

Carl is preparing dinner before we sit down to catch up on Dorothy excitement from last night. Have managed to avoid the result all day.

Hope those in equally sunny climes have enjoyed this glorious weekend.

Lesley x

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