By esme

Sun! Heat! Gin!

back blipped

Finally the heat has arrived! We've been waiting a long time (well, all spring at least) for a lovely day like this and we've finally got it. I was a sweaty mess by the time I got myself down to my sewing class today. Another unfortunate event at sewing again this week when I went to open my new pattern, only to find there were no pattern papers in the pouch! Only the instructions. I just took it for granted that the pattern would be in there so hadn't actually checked it last week. I got a lift up to the fabric shop to exchange it but there wasn't much class time left by the time we got back. Ah well, I'll just have homework now.

No time to rest though as we immediately went out to the 'burbs for a bbq at a friends house. Gin in the sun made up for everything. Good food and the evening was capped off by a rousing game of Scotland Yard. We got napoleon on his last move of the game!

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