Donita's Daily Dose

By pondosakate

A Day at the Cinema

I saw a documentary film entitled "Exit through the Gift Shop" at the CineArts theater in Pleasant Hill today.

Film critic Roger Ebert says: (1) ?Exit Through the Gift Shop? is an admirable and entertaining documentary; (2) I believe it is not a hoax; (3) I would not much want a Thierry Guetta original; (4) I like Thierry Guetta, and (5) Banksy, the creator of this film, is a gifted filmmaker whose thoughts, as he regards Guetta, must resemble those of Victor Frankenstein when he regarded his monster: It works, but is it Art?

This is a film about and by street artists and is worth seeing.

My blip is the domed ceiling of one of the theaters in the CineArts complex, where one can see art films and other off the beaten track works. It has been saved from demolition by a downturn in the economy. Otherwise, it would have already been replaced by a run-of-the-mill shopping center. The photo is not of the best quality due to low light and the need for a shaky hand to blip without a tripod, but I have been hoping for an opportunity to record this dome before the demolition crews move in.

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