By itcouldbelove

forgotten robot

Nobody wants to play with me.

In my new apartment, we have this empty room that we don't use. Our apartment used to be 2 apartments, so this room was probably the old kitchen once upon a time. It has tile floors and I suppose we could use it as a dining room. Considering we're poor college students, though, there's no point in trying to find a table to put in there that we would never use. Anyhow, the lighting is okay in there, it could be better, but since it's empty, I believe I will be using it quite a bit throughout the year for my self-portrait project.

Anyway, I really like this image, but once again, it seems that on Flickr, the photos I take that I love, nobody else likes. I'm getting pretty so-so comments on the image, so apparently it is not liked by the public as much as I like it. Oh well. That's how it always goes. Maybe it will do better here on Blip. ;)

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