Fixed again?

By erg121

The Gosforth Park den

Out with the dog in Gosforth Park early this morning and came across this incredible den made from branches and leaves piled up against a tree.

I was going to photograph Dean my dog on this mornings walk but thought this would make a better subject for today as the lighting felt so right.

I promise that I will also add a picture of Dean my 16 year old labrador at some point this week. He tires very quickly and is rather grumpy at times like all old men I guess.

Canon EOS 40D with Sigma 10-20 F4/5.6 at about 14mm. 1/6 sec ~ F13.0 ~ ISO 100 ~ evaluative metering ~ full manual.

This photograph is basically an 'exposure fusion' which in a lot of ways is similar to creating an HDR picture. Usual post processes such as reducing vibrance, contrast, second layer added which I blurred slightly to give a slight 'fantasy world' effect as if the park was full of unicorns etc. But I digress. Hope you like the picture.

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