The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Adam, Longstones Field

Adam is a magnificent sarsen stone, the only remaining stone of four that made up Longstones Cove at the end of Beckhampton Avenue, part of the Neolithic complex that centres on the henge at Avebury.

In the background you can see Eve, which similarly is the last visible remnant of Beckhampton Avenue. The two stones are known as the Beckhampton Longstones.

Beckhampton Avenue was described by William Stukeley during the 1720s, and he later witnessed its destruction (the stones were used as building material), apart from these two stones.

A dig was going on at the time of this visit to search for evidence of this lost avenue, which also revealed a Neolithic enclosure in Longstones Field.

You can read more about Adam and Eve in relation to Beckhampton Avenue here.

A Visit To The Longstones Project, 5 September 1999 (Flickr album)

Taken with a Pentax ME and a Tokina 20-35mm/f3.5 lens using Kodak Gold 200. Scan by Kodak.

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