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By suzyscenes

Two bird sunset

I went to the foot doctor today, and he wants to make orthotics for my foot problem. He says I have heel spurs and the plantar fascia is swollen on both feet. I guess that is part of getting older. No, I'm not getting older, I'm getting better, just like fine wine.

How depressing it has been to have rain & a solid cloud covering for days and days. It has been so hard to find much to photograph. My husband and I got up at 6:00 and it was raining so hard an very windy, but I thought "What a great time to catch some waves at the beach". Wrong---it was windy, but the waves were not high. I just got myself soaked to the skin, and the pictures were awful. I took a few shots of flowers on the way back home, and then, to make matters worse, when I tried to take some shots later, my camera would not work. I just prayed that it would dry out and work later, and it did.

Here is a shot of an iris I took this morning, I thought it looked kind of cool in black & white.

Later, I was taking my son some chicken noodle soup, gatorade, and Imodium D for his flu bug, and I noticed the rain had stopped and the sky was clearing in the west. I drove right to the water, and I was able to get some shots. It was sure nice to see the sun. It may be short-lived, though, I think the rain is supposed to be back tomorrow.

Think sunny thoughts.

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