A Walk Through Deb's Life

By debsthoughts

The Naked Truth

First, thank you everyone for stopping by yesterday on my 500th blip celebration. You are all so very kind to take the time to cheer me on. You are special blippers, every one of you.

A house looks quite different once you strip off the outside covering. It's an odd shaped house, isn't it? It looks even odder now with no clothes on. And the naked truth is there is lots and lots of water damage, some carpenter ant damage, and general ugliness here and there. Some decisions will need to be made tomorrow by my Taxman and me. Like, whether or not to move - just kidding. It would be really hard to sell this place right now. Not a good 'as is' situation. So I guess we'll stay for now. At least until the new stuff gets installed.

The chicks are doing fine. One of them (I call her Hilda) has taken to me. She thinks I'm her mama. Especially when I do my bawk-bawk mother hen impression. She flaps her wings and jumps up towards me. She also flies onto the top of the brooder so she can have a closer look. I'm already seeing their different personalities. Great fun is in store for me with these silly little things.

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