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By lozarithm

Rollright Stones

This trip to the Rollright Stones took place on the Summer Solstice and was a guided workshop. The stones comprise a late-neolithic circle situated on a pre-historic trackway, The stones, oolitic limestone, were described by Stukely as "coroded like worm-eaten wood, by the harsh jaws of time".
The name comes from Hrolla-lanriht, meaning Land Of Hrolla. 22 of the original 80 pillars are left. The builders 3,500 years or so ago designed it as astronomical sightline to the midsummer moon.

I could be wrong, but after 72 entries and 122 archived blips, I think this is shamefully the first I have uploaded that was taken in Oxfordshire. I will endeavour to put that right with a trip to that fine county in the near future.

Taken with a Pentax ME and a Kiron 28-210mm/f4-5.6 lens using Agfacolor HDC  200. Scan by Kodak, for Picture Disk (400x600).

Lozarhythm Of The Day (posted 19.11.2015):
Rolling Stones - It's All Over Now (recorded 10 June 1964, Chess Studios, Chicago IL)

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