The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm


I am Fluffy-minding up the road this week. She was *in* this morning and miaowed her greeting but waited until I was ready to go before putting in an appearance, coming to sit on the stairs, looking unusually pensive.

Looking through digital photography manuals, there seems to be a consensus to turn off the flash, as digital cameras deal better with low-level light than their film equivalents. I have tried followed this advice and my experience would seem to bear it out.

In this case natural light was sufficiently low that the lights were on, but even so with the aperture of my 50-200mm zoom wide-open and the ISO at max, the shutter speed was only 1/25 sec. This for a hand-held shot, and the minimum focusing distance, explain the rather soft focus in this shot, but I think it suits the mood...

I reduced the colour cast and tweaked other settings in post-processing.

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