Devizes Marina

Yesterday's backblip from Tuesday was set in Calne's short stretch of canal which, as it doesn't go from or to anywhere anymore is all a bit "pretend", but it did whet my appetite, so the next day I made sure of dropping by a couple of promising stretches of the Kennet and Avon as I was going to Devizes.

The bridge at Horton is the closest point that the canal passes to my house, and as it has a pub and a small wharf, there is usually something going on. There didn't seem to be anything special happening apart from a large number of cyclists travelling towards Devizes and a couple of young swans almost invisible, masked by the bankside reeds they were investigating. Shortly, though, a heron appeared and flew along the canal, landing on the wharf opposite and further down from my position on the towpath, not far from where a man was walking to his houseboat. I stood still, but merely slowly raising my camera was enough to provoke the heron to take flight. I followed it and found it again, but history repeated itself. One day...

I next stopped at the Marina on the outskirts of Devizes. I have been there a couple of times before, usually at the weekend when the boatyard and shops aren't active, but this time I found a gate leading to the area where all the narrowboats are moored was open, so I grabbed my chance and walked in. There were signs all over the place prohibiting their customers from doing all sorts of things. I got quite a few shots and was on my way out when a car pulled up and the driver asked if he could help me, possibly the most passive aggressive phrase known to mankind. Apparently the place was private, I had no right to be there, and photography was strictly verboten, particularly of the boats as they are private property.

Presumably they all apply their Invisibility Shields when they actually venture on to the canal itself. I only hope that the section of barge visible in this picture doesn't reveal any top secret information to any blipper viewers.

I seem to be running four days behind at present, but will get more up to date tomorrow when I backblip two or three "quickie" blips.

Outlaw Josey Lozarithm.

Lens: Sigma 70-300mm

Day #440
Blip #438
Consecutive Blip #435

Damn That Elusive Heron!
The Canal At Horton Bridge
Devizes Marina (Pentax 12-24mm)
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