By sp33dway

mini to the max

This view may have been cropped to a slightly less visible newlymovedpot tightness but it's still the same view from the very same window, namely the m.d's. This time he was there, so I had to be clicking for reasons other than blip and a new image for our still ongoing website revamp it was.

The car is the car of a rather-muchly-great workbuddylady, namely K.T., who works downstairs keeping us all up-to-date work-wise and organising some of our bigger clients far more than they acknowledge or realise. She's a star and a rather chuffed one at that with her new sportywheels. When she muttered that she wanted it she told me that she didn't want a Cooper S "just a normal Mini One", something I thought of as quite ACE because people too often want the fastest/highest spec of everything.

She gave me an horrorific look when i asked if I could photograph it. "But it's really really dirty you know", although this is something which doesn't show at around 40 odd ft-ish (albeit zoomed in). OK so I did choose to crop it in from the freshly moved pot of previously linked view (which was a hard thing to do seeing as I loved that subtle feature so much last time) but at least it does give a hint at the markings there.

Have a good weekend y'all. See you all on my catchup-monday.

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