Getting the hang of it.

By Ladyjuliejools

Door Knocker.

This is the door knocker at Brougham Hall just a few minutes drive from home. I use an image similar to this for my avatar on Twitter and a couple of other places on the internet.

I thought I'd take another photo of this to explain a little about the door knocker after a Twitter exchange with a dog @aggersbracken . Yes I know dogs are very clever these days. However the question was a good one. Why did I have a picture of the door knocker to Durham Cathedral as my avatar? So I explained that the original door knocker is now held somewhere safe within the cathedral and that two replicas were made. One is on the door at Durham Cathedral and the other is here at Brougham Hall, apparently this is the better of the two replicas.

Some of you who recall the BBC tv show Blue Peter may remember Simon Groom mentioning these on the show and saying "What a lovely pair of knockers"!

PS... Simon Groom was a teacher at my old school for a while before he joined Blue Peter!

PPS.. I did use Photoshop to get rid of some graffiti.

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