What a day....such beauty, excitement and sheer joy at witnessing one of my twin daughters, Morgan...graduate from college! It began with this intensity, these 3 young and beautiful woman (morgan, bronwyn and tanya) excitedly getting themselves ready for this big event.....make up, getting dressed....loosing pieces of clothing, me running around at their beck and call..... i loved it! then the actual much pride and joy, laughter and tears......and me in my new, very elegant pink linen dress and jacket....boy did i feel like the mother of the bride Hahahahaha! What a great thing it is to witness your kid, amongst a throng of kids in the same position, walking up on to the stage to receive her diploma....amidst cheers and yells ( i loved that we were encouraged to scream and yell as much as we wanted to....quite a contrast to the days of the old and staid pomp and ceremony).... then back to their pad, for pizza, beer and champagne!

Here are my three angels....Bronwyn, Susu (their spiritmother....kinda like a godmother but without the baptism thing....) and Morgan the graduate...don't they look happy and beautiful!

A very special day, pride filled my heart and soul....

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