Donita's Daily Dose

By pondosakate

A Sensory Experience

I had a delightful walk after dinner in the Shell Ridge Open Space. It cooled down after a hot afternoon. Three tiny birds paraded down the path about 10 feet in front of me tweeting away in a chorus as I headed out. As I turned to come home, I could feel the cool air on my skin as a slight breeze kicked up. I could smell the acrid odor of the recently burned vegetation and hear small animals scurrying below the grass at the edge of the trail. I admired the ripe, golden grasses in the soft glow of an overcast sky with the sun getting ready to sink below the horizon. As I got closer to home, the sunset began to glow pink in the west while the moon was rising in the east and was visible through the clouds. I felt happy.

And on top of all that I found a gall on the stem of a valley oak and was able to blip it with my point and shoot. I was not able to identify it, however, so it remains nameless here. If anybody out there can name it, I would appreciate the help.

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