Dai Urnal-Instants

By DaiUrnal

Ominous Omens & Potent Portents

Or maybe not, but the rising of the almost full satellite of Sol III between these two RF transmission towers on the south side of Bath does set the human mind, ever alert for the tiger stripes in the dappled forest background, searching for a pattern. I had already noticed how much of a Hunters' Moon la Luna has been over the last fortnight - the harbingers are piling up!

The photograph is taken from my balcony, the alignment is interesting, especially as I believe we are shortly to witness a total lunar eclipse. So like the ancient Babylonians, or stone-age denizens of Salisbury Plain, I can start using the alignments visible from my privileged position to begin constructing a model of the heavens from first principles.

Who knows, perhaps I shall find myself to have druid's blood, born under a wandering ley line?

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