A day at the Beach!

I love the simplicity of the natural artwork I find when I get the chance to roam the beach!!!

Terry's son Randy, and grandson Max, are here for the weekend....so this afternoon we took off for a few beach walks. It was the perfect day, sunny, with a bit of a warm breeze, which totally helps keep the bugs at bay.....first we visited Englishtown beach, one of my favorites, then we headed up the coast to Little River Beach, maybe my next favorite.....or maybe even my first favorite....they are all so wonderful here on Cape Breton Island. I still get so excited with all the possibilities of beach walks! the vistas are breathtaking, the smell of the ocean is intoxicating....i love it.

On the way home I managed to finally stop and steel an arm full of purple and pink lupines....they are so stunning and I am amazed at the sheer volume of them everywhere we drive! So, now we have some in my big vases.....gotta take a photo :)

The chicken is the oven, the rice is about to be cooked.....and an evening of relaxation seems very possible!

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