Another day

... another basket. I'm rather fond of wicker.

This is my in-tray. I have not seen the bottom of it for about six months. It was full to overflowing and that might have made a better image. But this is a rare source of joy to me. I could not be an administrator if my life depended on it. I DO deal with the most urgent things, there was only one bill lurking in there. But I felt that it contained an important piece of paper that had to be returned by 31st July ('felt' is not really a reliable guide to admin is it?). My hunch was right, and it will get done tonight, in the post tomorrow. Yeh! Now I've just got various piles of filing to put away. My filing cabinets are one of my favourite items of furniture - they give such an illusion of order. As does the empty basket.

I could get a taste for Spring (?) cleaning - look out wardrobes, look out kitchen, look out gall bladder.

Edit: hee, hee - I don't even know what month it is, never mind what day it is! Paperwork due on 31 July and we're only coming up to end of June. If I do this tnight I'll have it in a whole moth early - now that would be a first. Oh joy, an empty in-tray and a whole month to play with.

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